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Creative identity for the vegan eco-friendly cosmetics

The challenge in launching a vegan customizable cleanser, lotion, and shampoo was creating a brand that could build a movement while remaining mindful of the cosmetics industry’s reliance on harmful ingredients, animal testing, and single-use plastics are terrible for the planet.

After talking with the founder, I grounded the Green Atelier brand in minimalism and creativity and infused that feeling into everything: name, logotype, and surprising, artistic packaging. Each interaction with the brand invites people to join one of three journeys: minimalist (scent-free products), explorer (customizable products), and planet savior (bulk products).
I worked on branding, logo design, and illustrations. I designed packaging for 4 body care products, 8 aromatic oil boosters, and 3 detergents. I planned and prepared product photoshoots. By creating an identity for the Green Atelier brand, I enabled the team to secure crowdfunding, government fund, and series A of investment.
With the founders, we came up with the idea of letting people actively participate in making their own body care products. We divided the aromatic oil components from the shampoo, lotion, and wash and up it into separate booster ampules. After a series of smell testing and user feedback, we created a line of 8 booster ampules with different notes and active ingredients. I came up with creative naming and packaging for each of them.

We came up with three user profiles and the best product combinations for them:
• minimalist – scent-free products;
• explorer – customizable products;
• planet savior – bulk products.

Every interaction with the brand was intended to help people start a healthy relationship with their skin and nature.

It included numerous iterations of package design to make it sustainable and cost-efficient.

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