Branding, Illustration & UI Design
Next-generation identity runs on blockchain
The challenge was to rebrand Metadium, a startup company that creates a next-generation identity ecosystem powered by a public ID blockchain platform, to make the company more distinguishable and appealing to potential customers. Additionally, the goal is to create an identity that reflects the company’s strategy of helping users manage their identity information and disrupt existing user data ownership by corporations.
The approach to this project was to create a logo that expresses the idea of decentralization and disruption and clearly conveys the company’s strategy to provide a blockchain alternative to mundane identity.
The result of this project is a strong creative identity that stands out among monochrome and "blue" designs on the market. A simple and unique logo conveys a decentralization concept. One of the blocks in the logo is detached, while the other blocks show the idea of connection.
I worked on the application of the new brand identity to the website design. In addition to that I worked on logo animation that will express the logo concept.

I created a series of illustrations that explained the fundamental principles of decentralized identity.

Project Team
Creative Direction & Design - Cecilia Uhr
Motion & UI Design - Victoria Shin
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