Spatial and Graphic design
"What is Metadium?"
The challenge was to explain the Metadium concept of a new blockchain-driven identity. As technology is difficult for people to understand it was decided to make an exhibition/meetup to explain more about the company's vision, mission, and solution.
We decided to make an exhibition that showed the evolution of the identity to this day and its future with blockchain technology. We used block motifs in space design and visuals.
The result of this project is a relaxed party-vibe space where you can get to know Metadium and its view of the future but also meet and mingle with people who share your interest in blockchain technology. The meetup was a success - lots of social media shares and new partnerships.
The space was divided into sections: company mission, vision and roadmap at the entrance, team members, FAQ section, quotes, photo zone, "evolution of identity" exhibition, "I am" exhibition showcasing different types of information that defines us (photo we take, artworks, music), keynote area.

The main theme was block that is why we made 3d cubes with logos, quotes on sides.

Project Team
Creative Direction - Songye Lee
Design - Victoria Shin
Copy - Veronique Cho
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