2024 / IN-HOUSE
Tamnana branding & character design
Tridge, Agri-tech unicorn from South Korea
Agriculture & Food Production
Creative Strategy
Character desugn
Ian Jahng, Joonmo Yang - Creative Direction

Joyce Placino Buhain - Creative Strategy

Bym Buhain - Creative Copy

Victoria Shin - Branding & Character Design

  • Challenge
    Create a banana branding & character targeting families on a very saturated market.
  • Approach
    We have been asked to compete with B-brands and our target market is the mass public. Therefore, we avoided creating designs that look too premium. Our aim was not to go down the health-conscious, whole foods, organic route. Instead, we want our brand to be approachable, relatable, and youthful.
  • Result
    Unique character design and family-friendly design that stands out on market shelves.
Character Design
We decided to discover many variations of character - banana-based, animal-based, or abstract. The character that I based on the loris animal was tested and showed the most positive response. It took several rounds to hit the right balance of cuteness and realism.