2021 - 2023 / IN-HOUSE
Re-Branding and
Creative Strategy
Tridge, Agri-tech unicorn from South Korea
IT, Data Analytics, Agriculture
Creative Strategy
Brand Illustration
Ian Jahng, Mark Ngo, Joonmo Yang - Creative Direction

Joyce Placino Buhain - Creative Strategy

Bym Buhain, Michelle Chen - Creative Copy

Victoria Shin, Remi LeBlanc, Jimin Heo - Branding

Damian Escutia - Motion Design
  • Challenge
    The main challenge was to reflect the major focus shift in what the company does - from connecting agri-buyers and suppliers to providing reliable data, information, insights, analytics, and networks for stronger relationships built in global agri-food supply chain.
  • Approach
    Tridge Design System, a modular and flexible design framework inspired by our logo and brand, drives visual differentiation and communicates Tridge's main idea of connection and bridging throughout all materials.

  • Result
    Strong alignment across all the communication points, improved recognaisibilty and brand integrity.
Tridge Design System
The design system’s foundation is the Tridge Bridge logo, deconstructed to form connected squares that express the idea of bridging in a distinct and memorable way. The squares themselves are flexible in both size and color. Depending on the usage, there are two main expressions of the design system.