• Victoria Shin
    Designer & Illustrator
I am a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator with five years of experience. I began my journey as an intern and worked my way up to become a senior designer in a global agri-tech unicorn in 3 years. I worked as a multi-disciplinary designer for in-house teams and freelance clients - Techstars, Founders Live, and Blue House.

I take pride in combining visual design, communication, and marketing skills with illustration mastery. My immense passion for illustration has made me proficient in creating various visuals, from photo-realistic portraits to animation-ready corporate tech illustrations.
Fun Facts About me
  • I participated in traditional Korean wrestling competiotions
    And took 3rd place in 2016 as individual and 3 as part of team 2015.
  • I am a movie nerd
    I watched over 1000+ movies and was a member of the movie quiz team. So the hardest question for me is "what is your favourite movie."
  • I love biking
    I found out that biking and audiobooks are my ultimate stress cure.
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