Victoria Shin is a designer based in Seoul, South Korea. She’s passionate about crafting digital experiences and brand identities. She’s was previously at Metadium, Coinplug, and Green Atelier.
Illustration , Print design, Event branding
ASANSANGHOE is a 4-month of team-preneurship training, where 24 North Korean re-settlers, South Koreans, and expats will form culturally diverse teams, learn in-and-outs of the startup world, travel abroad to see experts in action, receive individual mentorship from the best (both in Korea and abroad), while developing impactful businesses for Korea of tomorrow. The program is fully funded by Asan Nanum Foundation, the biggest NGO focused on empowering through entrepreneurship and run by partner organizations.
I branded the hackathon event printed materials and made illustrations for the stickers.
Photo by David
Photo by Hal