Victoria Shin is a designer based in Seoul, South Korea. She’s passionate about crafting digital experiences and brand identities. She’s was previously at Metadium, Coinplug, and Green Atelier.
Green Atelier Branding
Graphic Designer & Art Director
A vegan cosmetic
that reflects your uniquness
The cosmetics industry holds some of the most beloved brands in the world, but it also relies on harmful ingredients, animal testing, single-use plastics that are terrible for the planet.

My task in launching their vegan customizable cleanser, lotion, and shampoo was to create a brand that could build a movement.
I developed the Green Atelier brand from scratch, grounding it in minimalism and creativity, and infusing that feeling into everything: name, logotype, and surprising, artistic packaging.

Each interaction with the brand invites people to join one of the journeys:
• minimalist – scent-free products;
• explorer – customizable products;
• planet savior – bulk products),
that we designed for people to start a healthy relationship with their skin and nature.

Illustration style, logo design, and color combinations.
Brand Strategy
Our strategy from the beginning was to show that vegan product is highly functional, safe for skin and can be unique and vivid.

Giving people the choice to be uniquely them is something that permeates through all aspects of the Green Atelier brand - from copy tone, imagery to the customer journey.

It was important to communicate to customers that vegan cosmetics is not only for vegan rather for people who care about what they use on their body, providing safe & tested products, certified ingredients, formulation, customization empowerment.

Illustration, package design, naming, logo and photography explorations
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Kolya
Photo by Oliver
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