package illustration

Fun beer snack packaging

Tridge Farm created a jerky beef product for a beer night at-home experience that can be seasoned with new fun tastes such as consommé. The main challenge was to show those different seasonings and make memorable creative packaging that would stand out on the shelf.

Making illustrations that show that this product is for a fun time with friends. Make packaging appealing for foodies and people who like exploring new tastes.
The final illustration uses quirky characters - beef and jerky. They express the careless party mood. Characters are inspired by the retro character design of the early years of animation. They tap into nostalgia and retro vibes that appeal to millennials.
I was always curious about character design. I was happy to explore this opportunity and make something that will be displayed on shelves. Especially in this case, I could get inspiration from early 20th-century animation and make my own food character with spaghetti limbs.

Project Team
Creative Direction - Ian Jahng
Illustration - Victoria Shin
Social Media Contents Design - Jonghyeok Kim