Tridge, Agri-tech unicorn from South Korea
2022 / IN-HOUSE
Tridge Hall, a Home for Innovators
IT, Data Analytics, Agriculture
Graphic Design
Ian Jahng - Creative Direction
Hwisu Koh - Strategy & Contractor Management
Bym Buhain - Creative Copy
Victoria Shin - Graphic Design, Illustration & Story Boards
Damian Escutia - Motion Design
  • Challenge
    "Tridge Hall, A Home for Innovators" challenge was to design a space that would impress guests and inform employees about the updated vision for the company. Updated vision required an updated visual design style.

    We also wanted to disrupt the current market & competition by raising the bar of design quality and incorporating interactive media screens.
  • Approach
    When designing corporate space to communicate the company's vision and mission, it was critical to balance communication and ergonomics. Hence we did numerous iterations for illustration and copy, studies on interactive media spaces, and ensured that all of it was designed perfectly for the space and will be easy to connect with the space visitors.
  • Result
    We designed a space that not only was perfect to use for company town halls and investor meetings but also communicated Tridge's vision for the next 5 years. A series of banners with illustrations that I designed started a brand-refreshing process and set the standard for future designs.

    Animations that I designed were reused for the paid Google ad campaign that has driven thousands of new visitors to our platform website.
In collaboration with a copywriter and motion designer, we made two advertisement videos to be played in the space. I worked on storyboarding, illustration, and video assets design.
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