Pictogram System

Creating a unified language

Tridge is an innovative global company that aims to empower businesses worldwide within the agri-food supply chains for a better tomorrow. As the company continues to expand into new markets and offer more services and communication channels, it is essential to maintain control, coherence, and consistency across all brand applications. To achieve this, Tridge uses pictograms as part of a unified global language and applies them to various touchpoints.

I aimed to design pictograms that are unique yet consistent. I strived to keep the angles of lines consistent and unified. I maintained the overall look as modern and minimalistic. I made sure that the pictograms were scalable and adaptable. I designed them with both print and digital use in mind.

Our final delivery is a system that outlines the approach, methodology, and visual guidance for designing and producing pictograms in line with Tridge's unified language to be used by product and creative designers. To contextualize the system, I made a set of essential pictograms.
For me, designing pictograms was an exciting but challenging task. In the case of pictogram design, illustration, and design skills intersect. I balanced the consistency of look required for visual illustration and the simplicity of perceiving a meaning required by product design.

Alongside product designers, we decided on design guiding principles for pictograms:
  • Clear meaning
  • Simple - fewer details, more meaning.
  • Understandable & predictable - should rely on more common and globalized associations.
  • Consistent.
  • Scalable - must look and read well on various scales.
  • Sustainable - new designers informed of pictogram design principles should be able to carry on with the pictogram creation task.
Alongside the creative director, we decided on the pictogram's key visual elements:
  • use of circles,
  • line angles,
  • stroke/pictogram grid size ratio,
  • rounded corners treatment,
  • rounded line treatment,
  • flat - 2D perspective.
All those decisions helped me create a set of pictograms used across Tridge's various digital and print touchpoints.

Project Team
Creative Direction - Ian Jahng
Design, Illustration - Victoria Shin
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