podcast cover art

Creative Cover for Agri-News Podcast

The challenge is to create a visually appealing podcast cover art design that accurately communicates the message of the podcast "Agri Now." The design should capture the innovative and forward-thinking mission of the company while also conveying the podcast's topic - current agriculture events, price trends, and logistics.
The design should incorporate agriculture-related visuals creatively and uniquely. The design should be modern and professional without being too corporate. The visuals should be inviting and should convey the podcast topic.
The result is a podcast cover art design that is visually appealing and communicates the podcast's message in an accurate, professional, and engaging way. The creative is aligned with the brand's modern and futuristic vibes.
Alongside the motion designer, and creative director, we made static and video covers for the "AgriNow" podcast.

It included numerous iterations for visuals and color schemes. We locked up on clock visuals early on, but it took several iterations to figure out the tree illustration style that would go well with the overall style and color scheme.

Project Team
Creative Direction - Ian Jahng
Design, Illustration - Victoria Shin
Motion Design - Damian Escutia
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